Viral Seeding – Are You Maximizing Your Social Media?

What is Viral Seeding?

Viral Seeding and Social Outreach

A few key users can expose your content enough to make it viral.

Since the latest Penguin Update, virtually all of the buzz around the SEO industry has focused on social marketing and viral seeding. Even if you create the greatest infographic, the most compelling piece of content, or the funniest picture ever… without a good outreach strategy, your content is bound to fail.

Viral seeding – The tactics and strategies used to get your content placed infront of enough people with the goal that those people have a large enough human following to make the content viral.

 (Put away your TweetAttacks, Article Marketing Robots and Content Spinners… just listen for a minute! Bot’s don’t cut it anymore!)

5 Places to Seed Your Content

Lets assume you already created a potentially viral piece of content. Even if your content has more potential than Rebecca Black’s “Friday”, it still takes initial batch of real people to share it in order for it to become viral.

  1. Pinterest – By now, everyone’s heard of Pinterest. Contrary to what you might believe, it is not just for girls. This up and coming social network is a fantastic way to share images, pickup real backlinks and get a huge influx of targeted visitors. Some of my personal infographics draw three to five thousand visitors to my website in a matter of hours after posting.
  2. Facebook – Sharing on Facebook can be a bit tricky. It works extremely well if you already have an established brand page for your website. If you don’t, you will need to do some manual outreach. Spend 20-30 minutes, message some page owners that have a following with a similar target audience as yours. If your content is good, they’ll post it… trust me! (It never hurts to offer incentives for posting either!)
  3. Reddit/Digg - I love these sites because all content is fair game. Promoting content on Reddit and Digg is a shot in the dark, but any content has the potential to go viral. Being an established “power user” on these sites only gives a small advantage. It is an equal playing field. If your content hits the front page on these sites, it will almost always become viral.
  4. Forums – As with any forums, users won’t trust a member that has 1 or 2 posts. Spend 10 minutes per day for a week or two. Get your post count up a bit and build some actual recognition for yourself. With 45 minutes of work, you’re forum account will be reputable enough to share content. People will trust you more than a new user. Simply make a new thread, post a link to your content, and watch the visitors skyrocket!
  5. Twitter – Twitter has alot of potential. If you have an established page, leverage your own followers. Provide an incentive for a retweet. Interact with your followers, especially those that are already popular. Post your tweets at 10pm and 8am, they’ll have the greatest chance at going viral at these times. Twitter can be a snowball for viral seeding, but it takes some input.

How do I Convert Content to Money?

Which Social NetworkMake sure that there is great call to action both BEFORE and AFTER the content! If you have an E-commerce website, post a link to your store. If your goal is to collect targeted E-mails, make an newsletter sign-up form that says something like “Get more content delivered to your inbox!”

You don’t need to put your viral content on your homepage for people to see it. If you have an internal blog, post it there. Consider making a “lifestyle” page, a discussion board, or a page with content relevant to your niche.

This post was written by Jesse Leimgruber.


Jesse is an undergraduate studying Computer Science at Stanford University. He is co-founder and CEO of Rank Executives, an Orlando based SEO Agency. Jesse specializes in a mathematical analysis of SEO, link building, and organic marketing.

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